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Professional Charter Association

Member name Vessel name Vessel type Yacht / Sail / Rib Operating area  
Alex Drummond  Bare Necessities  Oyster 82  Sail  Solent, Channel, Europe  Details
Ayaya Ltd  Ayaya  Dehler 44  Sail  South Coast, Channel Islands, Northern France  Details
Breakwater Charters    Azimut 42 Flybridge  Yacht  Solent  Details
C2 Rib Charters  Hawkeye  Ribs Ribs  Solent & South Coast UK  Details
Clarity Charters Ltd  Various  Various  Yacht  Solent & South Coast UK  Details
Energy Charters  High Energy   Sunseeker 88 Yacht  Yacht  Solent, English Channel  Details
Enigma Charters  Enigma  Sunseeker Predator 72  Yacht  Solent, English Channel  Details
G Force Motor Yacht Charters  G Force  Princess 62  Yacht  Solent & South Coast  Details
Geronimo Sailing  Various  38-47ft sailing yachts, also RIBs and classic motor yacht  Yacht / Ribs / Sail  West Coast of Scotland  Details
Indulgence of Lymington   Indulgence  Beneteau Oceanis 40   Yacht  Solent, South Coast, Channel Islands, France  Details
Lady Louise Charters  Lady Louise  Sealine T50  Yacht  Solent / English Channel  Details
LIU Yacht Charter  LIU  Beneteau Oceanis 50  Sail  Solent / English Channel  Details
MA Marine  Zoe Due  Azimut 42 Flybridge/RIBs/Sail  Yacht / Rib   Solent,South Coast UK & Europe   Details
Meridian Yachts  Bubble-E  Azimut 50 Flybridge/Prestige 46 Flybridge  Yacht  Solent  Details
Moose Charters  Moose  Princess v48 / Sunseeker Manhattan 50 / T/T Moose (Little Moose)  Yacht / Ribs  Solent  Details
Ocean Drive Sailing  Ocean Drive  Oyster 45  Sail  Solent, UK South Coast, Channel, Channel Islands, France  Details
Oyster Yacht Charter  20 boats  Full range of Oyster Sailing Yachts from 45 to 82 ft  Sail  Worldwide  Details
Prestige Days Charter  Day Dreamer  Jeanneau prestige 46 Flybridge  Yacht  Solent, UK South Coast, Channel, Channel Islands, France  Details
RRibs  Rib Eye  The Ribeye 785S  Ribs  Solent, UK South Coast, Channel, Channel Islands, France  Details
Sea Events  Nirvana  Bavaria  Yacht  Hampshire / Dorset Coast  Details
SeeKat Charters  Seekat C  10 M Cygnus Cyfish  Power  North Wales, Irish Sea  Details
Sunseeker Charters  Various  Full range of Sunseeker Motor Yachts  Yacht  UK & Worldwide  Details
Superhawk Marine  Supermoose  Sunseeker Superhawk 48  Yacht  Poole, Solent, South Coast  Details
Triangle Partners  Seafin  Classic 76ft Motor Yacht  Yacht  Solent  Details

Intrepid Boat Charter Service, Sunnymead, Forester Road, Soberton Heath, Southampton, SO32 3QG
e-mail: info@acamas.co.uk

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